Inside Daya


Founded in 1994 in Penang, Malaysia, Daya started out as a pioneer in the domestic specialized polymer compounds industry.  Working closely with our international technology partners from Korea, we were the first in the South East Asian region to develop semi-conductive compounds for the power cable sector.  We were also the first to develop and mass produce medium voltage cross link polyethylene compounds.  We had since developed various proprietary polymer process technologies, and by 2000, we became the market leader of the domestic cable polymer compounds industry.

Building on these achievements, Daya has grown and taken on greater challenges in the past decade.  We became a public listed company in July 2005 with the aim of building a platform for us to realize our ultimate vision to be a major oil & gas player.  Through a series of acquisitions, strategic alliances and organic expansions in the years following our IPO, we have grown into an integrated oil & gas group with an extensive portfolio of both upstream and downstream services.  Among these services are E&P ventures, upstream & downstream chemicals, subsea installation, offshore cable & pipe-laying, welding, offshore manpower, cranes & lifting services, oil recycling, marine services, O&M and many others.  We have also expanded geographically outside the country, with presence in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Saudi Arabia.

Driving the business of Daya today are three core operating business units:

  • Oil & Gas;
  • Technical Services