Major Principals

Through our subsidiaries, Daya is proud to represent over 40 major international principals on an exclusive basis in Malaysia and many of the Asean countries.  Our principals and the products we distribute for them are listed as follows:

Principal Country Key Products & Services
Arkema France Downstream chemicals
Ceca France Downstream chemicals
Cofely Axima France Marine product supplies
Sud-Chemie Germany Catalysts
JJ Degussa Germany Downstream chemicals
Purolite UK Downstream chemicals
Infineum USA Downstream chemicals
Dow USA Downstream chemicals
WVT Belgium Deodorizing agents
Porocel USA Downstream chemicals
Croda UK Downstream chemicals
Hongbaoli China Downstream chemicals
GEA btt Batignolles France Air fin coolers, heat exchangers
Serimax France France Automatic welding systems
Star Chemcat Int’l China Specialty chemicals
Sindutch Cables Netherlands Marine & instrumentation cables
Euroslot KDSS France Sand screens
Ulterra USA Bits & downhole tools
Crystal Engineering USA Digital test guages
Scientific Drilling Int’l USA Directional drilling
Mycelx USA Separators & polishers
Auto Dril USA Navigation drillers
Rogers Enterprise Int’l Thailand Containment solutions
Enardo USA Vent valves & gauge hatches
KLCC 2008-2012 RM21 million HVAC services
SecaDyme 2008-2009 RM6 million industrial facility
Applied Geochemical Imaging USA Geological/seismic survey, seabed coring
Drill Cool USA Coolers & water pumps
BS&B Safety USA Rapture disks, vents, sensors & valves
EV Camera Scotland Camera technologies
Circor USA Seals, valves, regulators & instrumentation
Moblize USA Wellsite data integration
MCR Oil Tools USA Radial cutting torch
AutoDril USA Electronic automatic drilling systems
Jorin UK Oil analyzers & services
NCHO Engineering Singapore Tank maintenance & repairs