Major Projects

Daya has completed several billion ringgit worth of projects for our multinational clients over the past decade ranging from supply of chemicals, provision of offshore services, engineering works to construction of industrial plants.  As of to-date, our order book exceeds RM1.9 billion.  Some of the major projects currently undertaken and/or recently completed by our Group include:

Client Period Project
Allseas UK 2013 RM8-12 million subsea installation
Technip Norge AS 2014-2016 RM100-176 million subsea installation
Technip Norge AS 2014-2020 RM250-440 million subsea installation
Boustead 2013-2018 RM198 million marine HVAC
B Braun 2013-2015 RM303 million industrial facility
SapuraKencana 2012-2013 RM186 million submarine cable-laying
Malaysia LNG 2010-2016 RM170 million chemical supply
B Braun 2013-2014 RM108 million industrial facility
C Park 2013-2015 RM120 million commercial complex
B Braun 2012-2013 RM125 million industrial facility
SapuraAcergy 2011-2013 RM15 million offshore welding
Prince Court Medical 2012-2014 RM800k HVAC services
KLCC 2012-2016 RM22-30 million HVAC services
Yuk Tung 2012-2015 RM270 million residential complex
Gemesis 2012-2013 RM29 million industrial facility
Ibiden Electronics 2012 RM13 million facility expansion
Malaysian Auto Lighting 2012-2013 RM63 million industrial facility
SapuraAcergy 2010-2012 RM18 million offshore welding
Petronas Methanol 2011 RM25 million chemical supply
Schlumberger 2011 RM5 million facility expansion
Ethylene Malaysia 2011 RM9 million chemical supply
Petronas Gas 2011 RM6 million chemical supply
Petronas Penapisan 2011 RM7 million crude tank repair
Plexus 2010-2011 RM67 million industrial facility
Vitrox Technologies 2010-2011 RM12 million industrial facility
MTT Learning Academy 2010-2011 RM50 million education center
Renal Laboratories 2010-2011 RM12 million industrial facility
Clarimax Consolidated 2010-2011 RM6 million industrial facility
TL Offshore 2009-2011 RM55 million offshore pipe-laying
Ibiden Electronics 2009-2010 RM179 million industrial facility
Petronas Methanol 2009 RM52 million chemical supply
Optimal Chemicals 2009 RM7 million turnaround/crane services
KLCC 2008-2012 RM21 million HVAC services
SecaDyme 2008-2009 RM6 million industrial facility